Machine Learning

Mathematical assumptions while solving problems using Regression

Introduction Understanding the math behind any algorithm is very important. Often we dive straight into solving a problem using some machine learning algorithm and applying all sorts of techniques without understanding the underlying fundamentals of the algorithm, the assumptions that should be taken while implementing it on a particular scenario etc.In this post, we will…Read more

Linear Regression

The figure that you are seeing above details the various steps in data preprocessing as well as the Linear regression. We have covered the data preprocessing steps in detail here. In this post we will be going over in detail on the lower portion of the figure which is the Linear Regression. Regression Before getting…Read more

Introduction to Machine Learning

This blog will be more theoretical introduction towards what is Machine Learning and its different paradigms. So, let’s take a typical definition of Machine Learning and then break it down to understand what it means: “A machine or agent is said to learn from experience with respect to some class of tasks, and a performance…Read more

Regression Metrics

Introduction This post will be more theoretical and would explain in detail about the different Regression Metrics involved in Regression Models and what are their advantages and disadvantages. While we discuss about the different Regression Metrics in this post, take a while to also go through this post which discusses about the mathematical assumptions we…Read more